Economy Changes (Sneak Peek)

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    Hi all,

    for the start of final beta, we transitioned Albion Online to a new economy model based on resources being more scarce. We also changing the item crafting system, and changed how enchanting works such that it no longer requires special ingredients from mobs.

    Reworking the economy like that is a huge undertaking, and it's very hard to see how it will play out unless it is actually being tested. Now that the final beta is 3 weeks old, we can see the strenghts and weaknesses of the new economy, which helps us to combine lessons learned from beta 1 and final beta into a best of both worlds.

    List of Changes
    • Resource spawn rates wil be significantly increased across the world. To counter-balance, more resources will be needed for refining. The impact of this change is that 1 zone can sustain many more gatherers than it currently can (often, at T6, one player can almost keep a zone clean) and will significantly reduce the frustration of constantly seeing empty nodes. Of course, weight of base resources and fame given by them, will be adjusted accordingly
    • Resource transmutation will be added to the refiner buildings themselves, but instead of costing silver, it will allow you to turn X of the previous tier resources into 1 higher tier resources, or X of the previous enchantment level resource into 1 higher enchantment level resource. It will be balanced in such a way that it's still of course always best to go for the highest resources, provided that you can get your hands on them. This change will make sure that resources are always useful.
    • Fragment transmutation will work along the same lines
    • For refining from T5 onwards, gems will be required. Gems can be obtained from gateways, hell gates, chests and raids. Gateways will offer a low amount of gems, but their advantage is that there is almost always a gateway available. Hell Gates, chests and raids will offer significantly higher rewards, such that they are truly worth it if you can deal with the risk. Gems will come in 5 colours, one for each base resource, to encourage trading.
    • We will add some - not many - base resources to be dropped in gateways, hell gates, chests and raids.
    • With a bit of luck - fingers crossed - we will also be rolling out the travel changes, in particular the mount travel mode and persistent mounts, soon.
    • Note that we are also working on the fame numbers for tool unlocks. Please ignore the numbers on the staging server for now, as we will need to review them due to a likely glitch.
    Impact of the Changes
    • Each zone in the game will be able to sustain far more gatherers, and gathering will be much more fun again.
    • Gateways, Hell Gates, Chests and Raids will play a core role in the game economy, and we will make sure that the rewards granted will make sure that it's is truly worth it to do them
    • The transmutation change will ensure that no resource is ever useless, and that you can always somewhat - not fully - counter a lack of high end resources by going for a lower tier.
    • The travel changes and persistent mounts will make passing through the zones much easier, while still keeping a large game world that can support large number of players.
    All the best,