Gathering unlocks requirements in new patch on Stagging Server + Whole Change Log

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    стырено с офф форума
    оригинал в патчноутах тестового сервера

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    For any of you who don't check the Staging server.
    I will just leave it here. GET READY FOR THE BIG ONE BOYS!

    T6 Tool - 1,620,000 fame.
    T7 Tool - 3,240,000 fame.
    T8 Tool - 6,480,000 fame.

    Screenshots contain the in game picture of the unlock from desting board on staging server.
    So now let's discuss shall we.

    P.S. For all of you who don't do that i will just copy the whole Changle log from the launcher. ENJOY.

    Director's Notes

    This patch mostly deals with several critical technical and balancing issues. There are several changes to the game which should allow beginning players to play together more easily, and others deals with the most obvious issues of beginning players.

    After this patch, the team is working on a small feature patch which will bring improvements to travelling speed, better rewards for open world PvP objectives and a solution for exiting dungeons when mobs have spawned behind you and your group.


    Added banks and marketplaces to harbours leading to the outlands to shorten supply routes to the outlands.
    Fast Travel:
    Fast travel routes between safe zone cities on the royal continents now allow travel with luggage to allow safe zone players to easily make arrangements for playing with friends in other cities.
    Cost of travelling with luggage is now based on weight instead of item value to guarantee a transport value per for transporters.
    Red zone cities on royal continents no longer have any fast travel connections to clearly define the coaches as connecting the safe zone player cities.
    Fast travel using boats between starting cities now no longer requires a base fee. This allows beginning players to travel to their beginning friends immediately.
    Known Issue: Coaches are still placed in red zone cities, these will be removed in a future update.
    New players start with a "Help" chat tab by default and help channel messages are no longer enabled in the general tab per default.
    Balance Changes

    Tier 3 artefact fragment drops have been removed from the game as they were confusing and were not being transmutated in significant numbers as was intended.
    Lowered gathering and refining fame and LP requirements on higher tiers to match realistically achieveable goals.
    Lowered the weight of mounts significantly to reduce the cost for fast travelling with them.
    Allowed Tier 2 and 3 resources to count towards the gathering progression main line to ensure gatherer's are rewarded for gathering low end ingredients for refining.
    Set weapon unlock base nodes to all require the same amount of fame / LP to unlock.
    Decreased the reputation penalty for attacking (but not for knocking out and killing) other players.
    Increased reputation gain while on positive reputation significantly to ensure beginning players turn into a less attractive target more quickly.
    Transmutator buildings can no longer be built on T3 and T4 in order to avoid confusing beginning players. Existing buildings are unaffacted.

    Combat Balance

    The Claymore had too many advantages and too few disadvantages.

    Iron Will:
    Movement Speed Increase: 44% -> 40%
    Range: 11m -> 9m
    Cooldown: 15s -> 20s
    Energy Cost: 18 -> 16
    This ability no longer roots the target, unless the target is affected by at least one Heroic Charge.


    Fixed the "Giant" spell on plate shoes not actually increasing your hitpoints by 100% as stated in the tooltip.
    Fixed an issue where players would not receive their gold from buy orders while playing until server shutdown with a different character than the one who set up the gold buy-order.
    Removed the unintended Low Stab spell selection for T3 Spears
    Fixed an issue where you were able to respawn in a home although reputation did not allow you to enter the town.
    Fixed some issues with server shutdown procedures on the live servers, which caused daily maintenance to be at irregular times.
    Fixed an issue which caused players to be unable to attack party members with auto-attacks in a duel if they were using the "two-click to attack" setting.
    Fixed mastery level 1 texts for offhand nodes on destiny board.
    Fixed incorrect display of defender bonus and improved description of defender bonus in territory screen / worldmap.
    Fixed an issue that caused no Tier 7/8 fiber to spawn in Tier 7 / 8 mountain clusters.
    Added missing world map names for starting and red cities.
    Fixed cleanse potion destiny board mission requirements.
    Added missing visual FX to torch offhands.
    Fixed the "Journeyman's Mill" not unlocking at Journeyman Adventurer level.
    Fixed characters who had the same name as a guild being unable to travel through their private island.
    Fixed a number of invisible wall problems in Blizzard of Souls (Morgana Raid Region).
    Fixed the selection of characters becoming inaccurate at certain resolutions.
    Fixed various invisible wall problems in mountain regions.
    Fixed several incorrect mob camp tiers in swamp regions.
    Added missing exit between "Pen Lithrig" and "Sunslopes" regions.