TEST SERVER / Final Beta Update Elaine / Version 1.0.29? - REV 59??? / 19.09.2016

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    TEST SERVER / Final Beta Update Elaine / Version 1.0.29? - REV 59??? / 19.09.2016

    Director's Notes

    This is the third test server patch of the Highlands update, named Elaine. You should not have any more problems using chests now. Also, direwolves will not spawn pups when they're not supposed to anymore, and we fixed a bug where Empower Beam accidentally dealt AoE damage.


    Highlands Biome
    The Highlands arrive! Half of the old Mountain areas have been switched to the new Highlands biome. Highlands are hilly areas, featuring rock, ore and wood. They are inhabited by the Keepers of Albion, who guard the land from all who would seek to despoil it (this includes you).

    New Artifacts
    • Keeper artifacts are now available, rounding out the full selection of items at the Gateway power level.
    • Hell artifacts are also available for all item types; these are more powerful than existing artifacts, and can be obtained from Demon Bosses.
    Other Improvements
    • Reduced all resource weights by 40%.
    • Added an option to set the intensity of spell area indicators.
    • Biomes can now spawn their least-common resource type (eg wood for Highlands, ore for Steppe) all the way up to Elder resources.
    • Swamp areas now have a full set of swamp-specific mobs. (Note that this does not apply to areas which will be converted to Forest in future.)
    • In case you have been banned, the login screen will now display the reason for this action.
    • All salvageable items should now drop silver on knockdown/death.
    • Leaving unrestricted PvP Areas while in combat will not instantly cancel the unrestricted PvP mode. This means when a player engages in combat close to a treasure chest, he can be downed without any reputation loss, even if the player leaves the circle again.

    Balance Changes

    Arcane Staffs
    • Empower Beam
      • The damage buff now stacks up over time, starts with 50% damage bonus and maxes out with 140%
      • Cooldown: 10s -> 15s
      • Channel Duration: 7s -> 5s
    • Purge
      • Now purges all buffs at the moment it is cast, but no longer removes all the buffs on the target for several seconds after the cast.
    New W-Slot ability: Internal Bleeding
      • New Q-Slot ability: Exploding Shot
      • New W-Slot ability: Noise Eraser
    • Caltrops
      • Area Radius: 1.5m -> 2m
      • Slow Duration: 2s -> 3s
    • Disembowel
      • Damage per tick: 44.46 -> 31.26
      • Added a damage-over-time element to the ability. (The ability's total damage output stayed the same, but a portion of the damage is applied over time.)
    Frost Staffs
    • Frost Nova
      • Root doesn't break on damage anymore
      • Root Duration: 3.22 -> 2.19
      • Damage: 41.86 -> 69.76
    • Frost Bomb
      • Damage: 96.89 -> 129.19
      • Slow Strength: 33% -> 40%
    • Freezing Wind
      • Root doesn't break on damage anymore
      • Root Duration: 3.22 -> 1.57
      • Energy: 15 -> 16
    • Ice Storm
      • Damage doesn't stack up anymore
      • Damage per tick: 10.97 -> 29.25
    Holy Staffs
    • Flash Heal
      • Cast Time: 1.5s -> 1s
      • Heal: 73.13 -> 43.88
      • Energycost: 6 -> 4
    • Holy Blessing
      • Cast Time: 1s -> 0s
      • Additional Healing Gained: 21% -> 30%
      • Heal per Tick: 7.20 -> 5.96
    • Spell Unlocking Order
      • Pull Area: Tier 8+ -> Tier 5+
      • Interrupt: Tier 5+ -> Tier 8+
    Nature Staffs
    • Rejuvenating Mushroom
      • The heal over time can now be stacked up to 3 times
      • Cooldown: 5s -> 3s
      • Energycost: 9 -> 6
      • Heal per tick: 51.11 -> 36.56
      • Ticks: 3 -> 4
    • Poison Thorns
      • The poison now spreads to all enemies in close proximity (3m radius).
      • Cast Time: 1.5s -> 1s
      • Damage per Tick: 14.13 -> 11.96
    • Bonus CC Duration has been removed from all armors.
    • Frost Shield
      • Armor increase: 0.35 -> 0.30
    • Meditation
      • This ability has been reworked to have a 2s channel.
    • Blink
      • Range: 11m -> 8m
    • Delayed Teleport
      • Delay: 2s -> 1.5s
    • Sprint Shield
      • Duration: 6s -> 4s


    • Fixed T7 ressource nodes of ore, fiber and hide not respawning.
    • Fixed dryads turning invisible on death.
    • Fixed various bugs with the Ambush spell, like the first damage stack height beeing inconsistent and sometimes reapplying the invisibility after attacking.
    • Fixed a problem with T3 hell mobs dropping T3 fragments.
    • Fixed Groundbreak ability stunning players which moving into the area after the cast.
    • Fixed an issue where Gallop would not cancel correctly when standing still.
    • Fixed an issue with Gallop on rare mounts not gaining correct cooldown when attacked.
    • Fixed an issue where drag and drop sound effect would play even when nothing was being dragged.
    • Fixed an issue where crafting a Grandmaster's Ox would sometimes return the ox.
    • Fixed an issue where placed furniture would incorrectly say it was decaying in 0 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where you could feed an animal while it was waiting for offspring to be collected, wasting the food.
    • Fixed some (but not all) issues where mission-givers had no missions in some locations.
    • Fixed an issue where King's Highland Muster was incorrectly charging for travel to and from it.
    • Fixed an issue where the Adrenaline Rush ability on Axes pausing auto-attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where the Charge ability on Claymores was not cleanseable.
    • Fixed an issue where right-clicking an empty equipment slot would cause an error.
    • Fixed some display issues on the Destiny Board.
    • Fixed some issues where Morgana furniture could not be placed.
    • Removed the ability to sell partially full journals in the market; this was never intended and was thus not properly handled.
    • Fixed an issue where alt-tabbing would set the ingame resolution to maximum.
    • Fixed some issues with incorrect mobs spawning in dungeons.
    • Fixed some issues with resource values of baby and grown animals.
    • Fixed numerous rigging/skinning/animation issues.
    • Removed some invisible walls in raid regions.
    • Fixed numerous other level design issues.

    Known issues
    • Revive Flasks won't revive players currently! We are currently reworking revive flasks to be useable on dead players again. (instead of knocked down players)
    • There is a land bridge in some Highlands clusters that is blocked by an invisible wall; if you run into this, you need to go the long way around!